Car That Runs 200 Miles on Compressed Air

A video on using compressed air to power the much talked about Air Car.

3 Responses to “Car That Runs 200 Miles on Compressed Air”

  1. This is such crock of purile junk! Perpetual motion in disguise. “It costs nothing to compress air”. Bah! Humbug! Maybe not, if you use a BS powered compressor. “Maybe the compressed air that runs the car will also run a generator that can run the compressor that produces the compressed air”. The only air being produced here is hot air!

    Expect the inventor to run into some “minor unexpected production problems” just after he has taken deposits off a few thousand gullible suckers.

  2. It’s crap. But people need to be aware of the technique that’s being used, it’s clever and insidious. Yes, it sounds plausible… in fact you *can* power a car with compressed air, it’s just that (a) it’s very inefficient in overall energy terms and (b) you won’t get at all far with the maximum amount of air that you can hold within a car in compressed form.

    Prepare ye for more of the same….

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