Cash for Old Cell Phones

Flipswap offers a fast, free and “green” way to give your cell phone a second life. There are more than one hundred million working cell phones that become unused every year. Flipswap has created a way to give these cell phones a second life. Both consumers and businesses can exchange their phones for store credit or cash at one of Flipswap’s 4,000 participating retailers; or they can choose to have the money donated to charity. Once collected and repurposed, Flipswap gives the phones to the needy. In 2007 Flipswap recycled enough phones “to keep the equivalent of 50 tons of solid waste, most of it toxic, out of our landfills.” Nearly all the phones collected by Flipswap can be repurposed but what about broken cell phones? For these phones not only will Flipswap ensure that they are recycled in an eco-friendly manner; they will also plant a tree for every phone that is recycled using the inStore service. Termed the reLeaf initiative, they estimate that in 2008 they will plant 25,000 trees. If you choose to use the online service Flipswap pays for shipping. Finally a “green” solution to all those unused cell phones. For more info visit their site.


4 Responses to “Cash for Old Cell Phones”

  1. Any cash at this point is welcome here in California, where we are hurting so bad.

  2. Please send me information on how to get cash for old cell phnes and other electronics. Thanks

  3. Thanks for your e-mail. For old cell phones try this site: For other electronics try this site:

  4. Do not trust I sent my phone in perfect condition. The phone was hardly ever used. I got a response from them saying it had a broken hinge and I was getting nothing back. There is no way the hinge broke during shipping. They have my phone I have nothing. They won’t even return the phone to me. Beware.

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