Cassatt Develops Green Product Line To Curb Wasted Energy In Data Centers


Due to rising energy costs and energy-guzzling data centers, IT departments have displayed concerns on ways to handle power consumption.

Started by BEA founder Bill Coleman, the Cassatt Corporation is a leader in making efficient data centers by attacking the most problematic issue with data centers - wasted energy. Cassatt’s Active Response product helps customers become more “green” by using energy efficient technologies to lower energy usage and throwing out the idea of having servers stay on full power around the clock, 24/7.

Cassatt’s non-invasive technology intelligently powers down unused or idle servers, to re-power them when they are needed. Studies on behalf of the company, have found that a vast number of servers are underutilized resulting in burning more than 50% of their power even when idle, due to hardware, maintenance costs and cooling. To minimize energy usage by up to 50 percent, IT Administrators set policies (can be switched off and on) taking into account off-peak power schedules, time of day and demand.

Adapting to the new technology has many service benefits including reduction of risk for virus attacks, increased responsiveness, improved energy efficiency, and increased application availability.

Customers interested in estimating their energy savings can use the calculator on Cassatt’s website or request a personal evaluation.


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