Eco-Friendly Zero Watt Monitors


Fujitsu has just introduced a series of eco-friendly LCD monitors.  This new computer hardware gives the eco-conscious user something to cheer about.  Typically, when computer monitors are in standby mode they draw between 1 to 6 watts.  This new series of Sceneview premium ECO monitors by default shut off the power to the monitors when they are not in use.  According to company calculations, by switching from older monitors to these newer versions, companies could save up to $31,000 a year in electricity bills. These monitors work by using a patent-pending technology which powers off the display when you log off and then the monitor powers up through an electric pulse which is sent to the monitor once the PC is active again.  Right now a 20-inch P20W-5 ECO and the 22-inch P22W-5 ECO are available.  In September larger 24 and 26-inch models will follow.


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