Free Energy Monitoring Software from Verdiem

Verdiem, a leading developer of power management software, has released Edison which is “a free energy monitoring application that allows eco-conscious consumers to more actively control their PC’s energy consumption.” The application is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Vista. The software allows the user to schedule when a PC will go into a low power consumption mode.

A typical PC can give off as much carbon dioxide as a car and can make up as much as 10% of a home energy bill. Even when the screen saver is on a PC can consume from 100 watts and 250 watts. When the PC is not in use, the Edison software doesn’t completely shut a computer off but rather puts in it a “suspend” state and this uses less energy. According to CNet News, the software provides “a read-out of how much electricity you are saving, also translated into reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and dollar savings.” Estimates vary but according to Verdiem, “the average savings is 410 kilowatt hours a year, or $36.50.” Best of all this completely free to download…just visit their site.

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