New Environmental Magazine Hits Store Shelves in the U.S. and Canada

resistanceLos Angeles - Resistance, Journal of the Earth Liberation Movement arrived Monday at hundreds of retail locations throughout the United States and Canada. Created by veteran activists in the environmental movement, Resistance is a quarterly magazine featuring the news, theory, strategy, and frontline action of the global struggle to protect the planet.

The North American launch of Resistance comes two months prior to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen where world leaders will attempt to agree on a global emissions reduction plan to replace the Kyoto Protocol set to expire in 2012.

Resistance, Journal of the Earth Liberation Movement was created to address the growing urgency of the climate crisis and to assist in building a stronger, more effective, unified, and broad-based environmental movement internationally. The magazine challenges the reader and movement to look beyond the failed strategies of the past environmental movement and to establish new tactics that will prove successful in stopping the threat of global warming.

The Fall 2009 issue of Resistance is now available and features:

• Cover Story: Interview with Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Animal Planet’s Whale Wars.

• Article: Gearing up for the UNFCCC Climate Conference in Copenhagen - will a post Kyoto agreement be reached by 2012?

• Article: Targeting Encana in British Columbia

• Article: Ecoterrorist of the Season: Shell

• Article: Inside the Oil Industry

• Security information, prisoner listings, earth liberation actions, and more.

Resistance, Journal of the Earth Liberation Movement is available through the following retail locations: Borders, Hastings, Books A Million, Chapters Indigo and dozens of independent stores. Retail price: $4.99 U.S./ $5.99 CAN.

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  1. Wow. I miss Plenty. This may be too much. :)

  2. It is a good idea…

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