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tnTennessee has started what could prove to be a great new program, as far as the environment is concerned.  It’s a Middle Tennessee initiative called Conserve My Land.  Its goal is to “encourage farmland preservation on the urban fringe” and also to promote practices which not only maintain, but also improve the quality of the local water supply.  What they want to show Tennessee farmers is that better water leads to healthier land and healthier land leads to healthier animals and healthier crops.

A staggering 2 acres of healthy land a day is lost to urbanization and development.  Williamson County has lost a fifth of its farmland in as many years. wants to show landowners how to protect their land for future generations and preserve our much needed healthy rural areas, by instructing them in the use of tools like conservation easement agreements, and other conservation measures.

By making it easier for farmers to find assistance without having to contact multiple government agencies for information and assistance, they hope to make the process easier on everyone, including the resource-challenged agencies.  They even offer a Conservation Planning Tool, to help landowners figure out just how much work needs to be done and some possible solutions to their problems, to get them moving in the right direction. offers case studies and details on financial incentives, to help farmers and landowners make an informed decision about conservation of their property.

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  1. Very cool! Go Green!

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