Cost of Environmental Services in NJ Could Be Funded In Part By Sandy Aid

It’s crucial to take care of the destruction from Hurricane Sandy as quickly as possible, since this damage could lead to potential health threats. Possible damage to homes and businesses that could be a result of the storm include contaminated floodwaters, exposure to mold and/or structural damage.

Four months after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, an emergency relief package has been announced. New Jersey will receive a portion of the $51 million dollar relief package to aid residents whose homes were destroyed or damaged. This package will also help business owners who suffered heavy losses from the storm.

Luckily, some of the Sandy relief package could be used to fund necessary environmental services for property owners.  This would be ideal for property owners who are dealing with vapors from contaminated floodwaters, leaking oil tanks, contact with petroleum products, and more.

An environmental services company in NJ, like The Entech Group Inc., can provide preliminary environmental assessments to determine if areas of a home or business are a potential cause of concern.  The company can conduct air sampling for mold spores, soil and ground water sampling for vapor intrusion, structural support surveys and more.

Environmental Services Company in NJ Provides Recommendations

asbestos-mold-and-leadThe Entech Group Inc., recommends a thorough site investigation for property owners since mold, oil/floodwater contamination and structural damage may pose health and safety concerns. Property owners will feel comfortable knowing certified engineers, environmental scientists, OSHA certified and trained construction personnel and knowledgeable technicians comprise the Entech team.

They are a full service provider of environmental services in NJ offering turn-key, single source professional services including site remediation, investigation, litigation, property redevelopment, construction management and more. Please visit or call 866-709-5332 for more information about all of the important services offered.

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