Green Sandwich Concrete


It’s possible that choosing a different type of frame to hold up your house could save you up to 60 percent on your energy bill.

Green Sandwich Technologies
has created insulated concrete panels that could be used to build both commercial and home structures. The panels provide nearly four times the insulation as most wood or metal framed structures.

The panels offer many benefits including being naturally fire-resistant (can withstand 1800 degrees for 90 minutes minimum), withstand earthquakes (even category eight) and strong enough to rebuff hurricanes or tornados (can withstand 200 mile per hour winds). Interestingly enough they can be used in roofs, walls, floor and even countertops or pools. Sound insulation is equal to the level of secure conference rooms.

Green Sandwich’s concrete is made from 60 percent recycled content including locally harvested biomass (rice straw, mowing, weeds) and coated with a product called Earthskin which is a concrete replacement made almost entirely from dirt.

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