Woodside Homes To Build 1,500 Solar Homes

California Sacramento solar panel

A deal between Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and home builder Woodside Homes to build approximately 1,500 new solar homes is to begin construction this year and finish in 2012. The California utility company plans to contribute $6,000 per SolarSmart home to reduce the cost of the solar energy efficient equipment.

SMUD expects SolarSmart customers to save up to 60% on annual electric bills and will reduce grid load of up to 2 megawatts off peak demand.

Green features for the SolarSmart homes will also include energy-saving HVAC systems, better insulation and CFLs.

So far, this plan is the 10th solar home deal for SMUD since only last year and have finalized agreements for 4,000 SolarSmarts, of which 30 percent of those new homes will be ready next year.


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