Your State Will Pay You to Become More Energy-Efficient

We recently wrote about several provisions that homeowners and other regular taxpayers can take advantage of in 2009. We found this article Green Yahoo with a state by state guide to tax breaks and cash payments.

We’re all vaguely aware that somewhere out there in the vast tangle of state and local government exist tax breaks or cash payments for citizens who go to the trouble and expense of making their homes more energy-efficient, perhaps by upgrading their heating systems or installing solar panels. But how does an ambitious energy saver find that government help?

Start here. North Carolina State University’s North Carolina Solar Center has gathered up all the current incentive packages and tax breaks for each of the 50 states and put them into an easy-to-search database so you can see what your state is offering if you want to insulate your water heater, put solar on your roof, build a new energy-efficient home, or take any of dozens of other actions that help the cause. Just click on your state and start reading.

Want to expand your search? There’s a second database of federal incentives to scour. Some of this information is dense and technical, but don’t be discouraged. If you’re planning any kind of home improvements that may involve your HVAC systems, check here first, thinking both about renewable energy and energy efficiency, two categories of upgrades that the databases treat separately.


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