Drink Pee?

drinkpeedrinkpee fertilizer DIY Kit

This stomach-churning idea, is actually a pretty or maybe…a semi-cool idea, depending on how you take it. Researchers at the EAWAG Aquatic Research in Switzerland have found a simple way to extract nitrogen and phosphorus from urine to use as fertilizer. I bet you didn’t know, that untreated urine that reaches the ocean, feeds the algae causing algae blooms (otherwise known as Red Tides) which soak up all the oxygen and suffocate fish. Cultivating the nutrients from urine can make it harmless to wildlife/nature. A DIY kit makes it easy to do at home and can be picked up at the Drinkpee exhibit which explores the roles of our human bodies and byproducts on a larger scale.

The exhibit ends today at the Eyebeam but the listed instructions and materials are listed on their site. If you’re a chemist, you can do this at home ASAP. :)


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