Farm Markets Getting Your Money’s Worth Buying Organic Produce nearly everyone watching how they spend, buying produce labeled organic carries a price people are just not willing to spend. One of the main selling points for organic food is that it is healthier. By shopping at farmers markets, which are becoming more common in neighborhoods, you can purchase organic produce at competitive prices.

Back in May 2010, students enrolled at Seattle University’s Albers School of Business compared prices of organic items found at farmers markets against the same organic items in grocery stores. Their findings were most items at the farmers’ markets were $.04 to $.07 less per pound than prices in grocery stores. With farmers’ markets becoming more popular each year, the pricing per pound compared to grocery store prices might even be better.

In addition to saving money by buying organic produce at farmers markets, shopping at markets helps a neighborhood’s economy by spending locally. Farmers’ markets are not the only source for buying organic produce at good prices, visiting farms that sell to the public can also be a fun family outing. This link is a great resource for finding farmers’ markets or farms local to you.

Organic or non-organic, what matters is buying the freshest and healthiest for you and your family. Farmers’ markets or farms who sell directly is the way to do it without breaking your budget.


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