100 Mile Challenge

Green Lifestyles - 100 Mile Challenge, food that is grown and processed within 100 miles of your home.I’ve been seriously considering trying to 100 Mile Challenge. If you aren’t familiar with it, that’s where for one month, you eat only food that is grown and processed within 100 miles of your home. I really think I could do it without giving up very much. I think it might actually be easier for me than for some of the people on the show. I don’t eat anything with monosodium glutamate, which means I have given up nearly all packaged foods, anyway.

On the commercial, they talk about having to give up coffee, pasta, bread, beer, and pizza and that would be a challenge – if I actually had to do without. Luckily for me, I rarely drink coffee, and I happen to know there is a lovely organic tea farm within 100 miles of here, so that won’t be a concern. There’s no sugar plantation nearby, but there are tons of places to get local honey (and it’s so good) and that will do nicely. As for pasta, bread, and pizza, those are all things I can make myself. There is at least one place to get local flour, and no shortage of farms producing eggs, tomatoes and milk. Since I use sour dough, I won’t need to add yeast. Growing my own herbs is also not a problem. Local pork and peppers are on offer for pizza toppings, too.

Beer, now, that presents a challenge. If I were back in Texas, it wouldn’t, as there are plenty of local breweries, but I’m not sure about around here. I’m guessing there must be at least one vineyard, though, and I can accept wine as a substitute, no more often than I drink. On the down side, this isn’t exactly the most ideal time of year to give it a shot, and a lack of vegetables is a definite problem for me. So maybe I will try it for a week at first, and either stop if it doesn’t work or extend it if it does. Stay tuned…

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  1. Very cool!!! GO GREEN!

  2. if you goto http://100mile.foodtv.ca/ you can watch some episodes and see what problems those families had. I would suggest that everyone can do the 100 mile challenge as long as their not stupid about it. For example the families in that show boiled salt water to get salt, or couldnt make bread because they couldnt get yeast. How much fuel does it take to ship a tiny jar of yeast!?! So I’d say yeah do it! But do it for the big things, dont buy Grapes from Chile (i’m assuming you’re in the US) or veggies from China (alot of frozen veggies are).

    If you make 95% of your diet local, the other 5% is still sustainable, especially if they’re light or low volume items.

    Best of luck

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