France Is World’s Third Biggest Pesticide User

pesticidesMarch 20-30 marked the 4th annual edition of “Semaine Sans Pesticides“ - a national awareness week to remind people of the seriousness of the issue in France. Just as the market stalls fill up with tempting displays of strawberries and aspargus, it’s worth remembering that France is the world’s third biggest user of pesticides, and the number one in Europe, with a staggering 76,000 tons sprayed in 2008.

According to the latest figures, 7.2 percent of fruit and vegetables in France contain pesticide residues which are over the maximum authorized limits fixed by the European Commission. High-risk vegetables are peppers, chilies, tomatoes, lettuce, leeks and spinach. Among fruits - 8.5 percent have over the limit concentrations of pesticides - the ones to avoid are strawberries, mandarins and grapes.

“The longer the storage time is, the more the contaminated products migrate from the skin to the fruit,” François Veillerette, president of the anti-pesticide NGO MDRGF, told Le Monde in an article last week. Apples, for instance, can be contaminated up to 5 mm under the skin. Useful tips for minimizing pesticide levels are steaming instead of boiling, and discarding the core and external leaves of cabbage and lettuce.

3 Responses to “France Is World’s Third Biggest Pesticide User”

  1. The French get so huffy when a truth such as this is
    exposed to the public. Instead, they should take note and and visit sites like Got2begreen,etc for some sensible ideas and solutions.

  2. The french cant face up to any of their faults,denial is a national past time. They think they have the best “cuisine” in the world, but ignore the pesticide content of their ingredients. Chernobyl missed France according to the French governement. Mad cow never crossed the channel. Petain, did he really send 78000 jews to concentration camps. The rainbow warrior was sank by them and they are proud of it. Nuclear tests in pacific, arm sales to Angola and was it Rwanda where they also sold arms , trained “troops” and left quickly when the shit hit the fan.Best health service ,biggest cosumption of medicine more like. Egalite liberte and fraternite, hey oh dont forget the REALITY. Homelessness, police brutality,racism,pollution. Nuclear power station EPR Brenelis. Back handers back stabbing bad losers, bad breath.

  3. Hello Neil Smith and others.

    I’m sorry Neil but where do you come from? Maybe can we say the same thing about your country??

    Why are you so irritated against France?? Have you already lived in France? I´m sure not!

    Each country has its own history and I’m sure that none of it wants to face up the bad part of it. I love France but I also like some other countries and I want to know some other point of view. I’m at present in Finland. I didn’t say anything about this country before my arrival here. I try to know the other countries before saying something on those. But I won’t never judge any other country.

    Please, don’t judge a country just because you watched something about it on your TV!!! Sure that the reality is totally different!

    Thanks a lot.


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