Get Your Green Thumb Ready

Snow is still on the ground here in Michigan. And the wind chills are invigorating.

But it’s not too soon to get your green thumb ready.

Spring is March 20, but folks in Monroe, Mich., are already making plans for a community garden, that will bring people together, put homegrown food in their hands and cut a few gas-powered trips to the grocery store.

The city of Monroe runs a community garden program every year, charging $15 for a 25-by-25 foot plot where people can grow tomatoes, cucumbers and the like, according to The Evening News. The price includes water, and the plots are especially nice for city residents who don’t have the room in their backyards.

A city official predicts increased demand for space this year, due to rising food costs and interest in locally grown food.

Those of us who don’t live in Monroe or another city with a similar program might want to start their own. The American Community Gardening Association has an online guide and other resources.

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