Organic Welfare


With the help of the Wholesome Wave Foundation, Georgia Organics has started the Double Value Coupon Program, which gives poorer members of the community greater access and more incentive to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Through this program, families and individuals on federal food assistance can use their food stamps and EBT cards for double their value at participating farmers’ markets.

The East Atlanta Village Farmers’ Market kicked off the program last Thursday. Morningside Farmers’ Market and the farmers’ market at Truly Living Well in East Point will also participate.

The program not only helps needy families afford fresh produce and eat more healthfully, but also helps stimulate small-scale farming businesses. By buying local produce, participants are dramatically reducing their own carbon footprint. The two-for-one promotion has proven successful in other cities across the U.S. Once the $10,000 grant from Wholesome Wave runs out, the program will end, but donations will help to keep it going. If only the government could come up with similar programs to help stimulate the local economy and encourage healthy eating to help reduce future health care costs. For more information visit this site.

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