The Pink Elephant Cafe in Norman, Oklahoma

pinkWhen driving down Main Street in Norman, Oklahoma it’s hard to miss the Pink Elephant Café’s brightly painted building. The first time I saw it and it’s “hippy entrance,” I knew I just had to go inside. When you walk in you will be greeted not only by a friendly staff but also by the smell of homemade food cooking.
The Pink Elephant Cafe is a quirky, hippy style café with plenty to look at while you eat.  You will even see some beautiful art work from local artists; some of those pieces are even for sale.

The Pink Elephant Café is committed to the health of the environment, the health of their customers, and a commitment to being socially responsible. They purchase certified organic food whenever possible and only use conventional food and low-hormone meats when they have no choice.

Their commitment to the environment doesn’t stop with the food. They recycle whatever they possibly can and use cruelty-free and biodegradable cleaners. Also, as a small business, they try to support local businesses whenever possible.
All the food at the Pink Elephant Cafe is made fresh; they don’t even have a freezer at the café. They shop every morning and then the food is cooked and prepared fresh. One bite and you will be hooked on the wonderful food they serve. The menu features a wide range of sandwiches which you get on your choice of a croissant, whole wheat berry, or potato bread.  Other options include iced raspberry tea, soup, a wide range of salads, and more. But even with all the great items on the menu the Pink Elephant is known for their great specials.

The Pink Elephant Café’s specials are anything but your typical café food. Past specials have included things like gingerbread pancakes, roasted pork loin with root vegetables with a dijon sauce, curried shrimp in puff pastry, Jamaica jerk chicken wraps, parmesan chicken wrapped in a puff pastry, and apricot glazed pork loin with seasoned Rice.

My favorite item is the ham sandwich on a croissant. The croissants are heavenly. It is far and above the best sandwich I have had. The broccoli and cheese soup is another tasty item. My husband’s favorite was the gingerbread pancakes special they had once while we were there.

All my visits to the Pink Elephant have been very pleasant. I’m severely allergic to mushrooms so I always worry when going to a new restaurant but they have dealt with my allergy very well and I feel totally safe eating there.

My husband was not very excited to go there the first time. He is not much of a sandwich eater but even he had to say the sandwiches were good, this is a big compliment from him. He loves the homemade bread they often serve before your meal. I love the Pink Elephant Café so much that it was my request for my birthday lunch.

Even with all the fresh, often organic ingredients they make it their goal keep the prices affordable and the service great.  Be sure to get there early because it often fills up. This little gem has become a hot spot in Norman.  This also isn’t just your typical hippy cafe; people from all walks of life enjoy the wonderful food and fun atmosphere.
If you care about the environment, eat organically, like the 60’s culture, or just like good food be sure to try out the Pink Elephant Café! Like Pink Elephant Café says “the Beatles said it best; “All you need is love.” And that is what we intend to serve- LOVE- one plate at a time.”

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