What Does Green Tayst Like?

As their website states, Tayst Restaurant is the first (and so far only) green certified eatery in Nashville, TN. What began as chef/owner Jeremy Barlow’s desire to buy only locally produced food spiraled into a full-on one man green movement. Barlow found that as he researched local food, he became more and more interested in the entire growing process of that food. Since nearly everything that happens to food affects its flavor, this led Barlow toward sustainable organic foods and that led the chef toward greening other aspects of the restaurant as well. In addition to using only foods grown locally which are pesticide- and fertilizer-free, Tayst recycles, composts, and continually works toward reduced energy consumption and an ever-smaller carbon footprint.

The Tayst menu offers a wide variety of items from an “Escargot Pot Pie” to goat cheese grits, bison with cranberry relish and tobacco gnocchi gratin to strictly vegetarian offerings. Since there is an attached wine bar, each selection on the menu has a recommended wine with which to pair it. First courses start at $7 and mains start at $17.

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