Furniture from Shredded Paper?

Dutch artist, Jens Praet, has been working on an ongoing series entitled ‘One Day Paper Waste’. His latest creation is made using shredded documents. Praet dips the shredded paper in resin which is then molded into whatever form he chooses. For this project he opted to mold it in to furniture. Once hardened, the furniture is as least as strong as wood. The desk in the picture above was made with just one day’s worth of his shredded paper; hence the title ‘One Day Paper Waste’. In addition to it being environmentally friendly if you stretch your imagination a bit, by using old shredded documents, every piece of furniture would hold fragmented pieces of history!


One Response to “Furniture from Shredded Paper?”

  1. This idea is très kewl. I would love to have recycled paper take shape of a piece of furniture in my house.

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