Gasoline with Additives Can Add to Your Mileage


Screen capture from BP Invigorate commercial.

The family and I just returned from a whirlwind vacation, to the Traverse City, Michigan, area and the Upper Peninsula, among other places.

I drive an older truck, which I use to pull a travel trailer and carry my wife, kids and dog.

I happened recently upon something called BP Invigorate. It’s a gasoline with additives that’s supposed to help your engine run cleaner, which equates to better gas mileage.

After using a few tanks of the stuff, I am seeing a fuel economy improvement of up to 3 mpg, in mostly highway driving (sans the trailer).

Nothing to sneeze at. And I haven’t found this particular brand of gasoline to be any more expensive than the others.

My brother, an automotive connoisseur, told me before I left for vacation that buying “cheap gas” isn’t worth the penny-per-gallon savings.

He said I should look for brands that use additives, like Shell and BP. So that’s probably why I tried BP, since there seem to be more of them around Michigan.

I haven’t received any payments to “endorse” BP or anything. I’m just offering a little anecdote on my experience so far.

Regardless of what you think, a free Invigorate gas giveaway is worth mentioning.

BP is running a contest to find someone who embodies the Invigorate brand, “running younger for longer.”

To enter, you need to submit a 300-word essay.

Twenty of the top entrants will receive BP gas for a year. The grand prize winner will get $10,000 in BP gas, plus a trip to meet Olympian Dara Torres.

Also nothing to sneeze at.

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  1. Your brother sounds like a smart guy…

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