“Greener” Printing

Finally you can do something that’s good for the environment that doesn’t require extra time, money or effort. A software program called GreenPrint World saves paper when you print and that saves trees and money. Even better, the software is FREE to download … just visit their website.

Oftentimes, when web pages are printed you end up with extra pages with the site’s logo and banner ads or you print an e-mail that has nothing but the signature on the last page. Before sending a page to the printer the Green Print World software will scan the pages and identify any wasted pages. In addition, the software provides an easy solution to printing to a PDF by preserving the document format without wasting paper. According to the GreenPrint World website:

This PDF writer is also incorporated into the print preview so any

document can easily be saved to file (after eliminating wasted pages)

rather than being printed. For most users, this will also eliminate the

need to buy a separate PDF writer such as Adobe Acrobat which can

retail for up to $499

Finally, the software tracks your printing and calculates the number of trees and the amount of money that you saved. Green Print World is currently only available for PCs but later this summer a MAC version is expected.


2 Responses to ““Greener” Printing”

  1. I looove this software.It is wat we need. As soon as we get a MAc version we will buy it. I hate to see wasted paper. And I will post this tip on my delicious links now.

  2. Just downloaded this. What a relief to do away with all
    that excess paper. Thanx.

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