Homemade Fuel with EFuel

Gas prices seem to be climbing daily and to very scary prices forcing many to look to alternative fuels. A company in California, E-Fuel Corporation, has created the EFuel 100 MicroFueler which is a device that weighs about 200 pounds and uses 110 or 220 volt power supply and a wastewater drain. Using the simplest ingredients: water, yeast and sugar, consumers can create 100 percent ethanol at just a push of a button (sorta reminds you of making coffee in the morning at the office).

Unfortunately the MicroFueler costs about $10,000 and requires quite a bit electricity, sugar and water to create a sufficient volume of ethanol to distribute. Currently E-Fuel Corporation has arranged importation of inedible or “ethanol-grade” sugar from Mexico for as little as 2.5 cents per pound which will reduce the cost of making ethanol. E-Fuel hopes to have this device ready at the end of this year.

Watch MicroFueler’s Video here.


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