India Town Powered By Poop

Quite interesting to have another story devoted towards….poop. Not too long ago we talked about a cozy concrete bench powered by warm sewage. Now, the latest most smelly story, involves a town in India called Thiruneermalai to power their street lights by poo.

The authorities in the town are using human waste to collect in a sump. Methane gas produced from the “sludge” is used to operate the generator. Daily, the biogas produce 3,000 watts of daily electricity which is enough to power the lights during the night.

You really interested? Check out the video on Gizmodo documenting how it works!

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  1. On a different note, I found this article ( saying that Chicago was the greenest city. I guess the general population cares about the environment and global warming. My score on their calculator was 400 but at least I am trying. Here is the link to the website that published the list of cites and where the carbon calculator can be found: The test took me like 5 minutes tops, and then maybe another 2 minutes to find the pledges I wanted. Pretty cool application.

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