Indian Railways Get Bio-Toilets

ecofriendly toilets

There’s a change happening on the coaches of the Rewa Express - small steel tanks are being fitted between the wheels. These are part of eco-friendly toilets to treat and store waste on board.

Unlike normal toilets, the toilets equipped on this Express will only trickle water down the track while the sludge is retained in the tank. The bio-toilet developed by the railways’ Research Designs and Standards Organization with Microphor of the US and Faridadbad-based Aikon Technology, was first tested in the Delhi-Allahabad Prayagraj Express. The system works by collecting waste into a tank divided into 2 chambers. The 1st chamber contains a patented bacterial culture which breaks down waste in 6-7 days by enzymes. The resulting liquid from the 1st chamber flows into the 2nd chamber to be treated with chlorine before disposal.

Currently the 1st phase of this project is set to test the efficiency of the on board waste treatment. If it works, the Railway hopes to install eco-friendly toilets in all of its 9,000 trains by 2011-13.


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