Life Straw, Portable Water Purifier


Half of the world’s poor suffer from waterborne disease and nearly 6,000 people, especially children, die each day by drinking contaminated, unsafe water. Produced by Vestergaard Frandsen, the LifeStraw is a water purifier developed as a practical way to save lives and prevent disease. Two versions of the purifier exist, one for personal portable use and the other for family use for instant microbiological purification of water with a high flow rate.

Amazingly the small portable water purifier can effectively remove all waterborne bacteria and viruses responsible for causing common diarrheal diseases and require no electrical power or spare parts to utilize. The LifeStraw contains a specially developed halogenated resin which kills bacteria and viruses on contact. A special chamber further increases the exposure of micro-organisms to the halogenated resin to enhance the killing effect on harmful organisms. Micro-filters are used to remove all particles down to 15 microns. Activated carbon adsorbs residual iodine to improve the taste of the water.

It’s an amazing invention for very areas of great need. If interested in donating to LifeStraw, check out how here.


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