New Volcano Runs on Shells

volcanoThere is a new green power plant that may be coming to Stockton-on-Tees, England, that sounds fantastic – and looks amazing, too.

The volcano-shaped biomass plant is going to run on the discarded palm kernel shells from an existing palm oil plantation. This means, the energy source is not only sustainable, but will not require that any farm land be repurposed in order to create the fuel. The plant will be built on the bank of a river and the shells will be transported to the plant by ship rather than land, so as not to increase local road traffic.

Excess heat that is generated by the plant will be converted into heat for local homes. The biomass plant is expected to create only 20% of the carbon emissions of a standard coal-burning power plant – and that includes the shipping of the palm shells from Malaysia.

Construction is scheduled to begin near the end of this year on the proposed green power station.

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  1. The building looks really cool. )))
    Retweeted. ;)

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