Plastics Made From Pig Urine


A Denmark-based company, Agroplast, desires to use pig urine and transform it into plastic dinnerware and other household items. Oh boy.

Agroplast has found a way to better commercialize urea, a compond of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen found in urine. While other animal products (like cow manure) could be used, the pig urine is of interest because it is an environmental hazard, per Peter Tottrup, a partner of Seed Capital, a Danish venture firm.

Transforming farm waste into plastic precursors is attractive to the company since it has no value (or negative value), since it costs money to property dispose of the animal waste. If pursued, Tottrup claims that plastics would cost a third less than conventional plastic made from fossil fuels. In addition, Agroplast feels that these farm-friendly chemicals could also be utilized as fertilizers, ingredients in lotions and a flavor enhancer in cigarettes. Wow,…that’s a reason in itself to quit smoking. Bleh.


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