Plugless Plug-in Hybrid Car

mira h4

A British automotive design, The Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA), has developed a way to remove battery packs from a car and replace it with a full-powered battery that has been charging off the grid.

The test vehicle is a modified Skoda Fabia and is called the H4V (Hybrid 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle) because the gasoline engine powers the front wheels while 2 35kW electric motors power the back wheels.

H4V’s battery pack is built from portable cassettes with each having a 1.5kWh capacity. MIRA designed and created the battery packs using Li-Ion Phosphate cells sourced by an American supplier.

Charge time is only 30 minutes and each pack weighs 22 kilograms but with hopes that they’ll be able to slim it down. The battery units could serve for additional uses, including external devices that could come in handy when going camping or used to power electric jet skis or quad bikes.

mira h4vmira h4v


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