Connecticut Company Expands Product Line to meet Growing Need for Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Particulate Reduction

Willington, Connecticut, January 24, 2012 – Users of outdoor wood furnaces and wood boilers now have additional pollution control options from industry leader ClearStak, LLC. The company has expanded its line of patent pending Pollution Control Devices (PCDs) and Intelligent Bio-fuel Controllers (IBCs) to retrofit a wider variety of outdoor wood boilers and four different sizes of pipe – up to 12” in diameter.

“Our new systems can be used for gasification and non-gasification furnaces and some utilize oxygen sensor technology to further reduce wood smoke by monitoring the burning process,” says Jeff Hallowell, ClearStak president. “Not only do these new systems reduce wood smoke and particulate emissions from wood furnaces, they can increase efficiency by over 30%, reducing the overall amount of wood needed to burn.”

ClearStak’s first patent pending proprietary intelligent catalytic unit specifically designed to retrofit hydronic heaters, the CS-100, started shipping in 2010. Since that time the units have been used on many types of indoor and outdoor furnaces including traditional, gasification, EPA non-qualified and EPA qualified. There are hundreds of our products in use in states such as Connecticut, Vermont, Indiana, Alaska, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, Massachusetts and Minnesota, and even Canada. They are being used on furnaces from the most popular wood boiler manufacturers such as Central Boiler.

“Our new pollution control devices and bio-fuel controllers will allow us to better serve a wider biomass market and reduce particulate and carbon monoxide emissions in more varied types of furnaces,” says Hallowell. “We anticipate more new products this year as we roll out a new gasification emissions controller and other technology components. Plus we’re are working with several OEM manufacturers to integrate our technology in their furnace design.”

For more information about ClearStak click here or call (860) 237-8245.

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