Three Houseplants That Grow Fresh Air

master-flx031You can create a garden of fresh air in your home using just three varieties of common houseplants: areca palm, mother-in-law’s tongue and money plant. For 15 years these plants have scrubbed toxins from the air and increased the oxygen level in a 20 year old building in New Delhi, India, a city that has a major air pollution problem. The government of India now rates it the healthiest building in New Delhi.

Watch the video talk by researcher Kamal Meattle at

Unless you’re living in one of the world’s highly toxic cities, you won’t need the quantity of plants per person in your home or apartment that Meattle recommends in his talk.  He suggests, for example, four, shoulder-high areca palms per person; you should need only two plants,  if the external air quality where you live is reasonably good.

Also, should you have concerns about whether these three plants are toxic for pets, check the toxic and non-toxic plants database.

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