What Is Going On?

So now Rush Limbaugh, and then this?

BP refinery in Indiana has just been given the ok to continue dumping mercury into Lake Michigan under a permit issued by….the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. (You’re confused and speechless, right?)

Yep, the the permit exempts the BP plant from a 1995 federal regulation limiting the amount of mercury discharges. The regulation requires that mercury to be discharged at no more than 1.3 ounces per year but the BP plant reported releasing 3 pounds of mercury each year between 2002 and 2005. That is almost 3700 percent over the limit!

BP is given till 2012 to meet federal standards due to the plant’s expansion. How could this happen? This action is undoing progress of reducing pollution.

Mercury is very dangerous and is very harmful to children and pregnant women. So now residents of the Great Lakes are being told to avoid certain types of fish or limit their consumption. Is this the best thing they can offer their residents in the area?

News story here - USA Today.

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