Baking Soda to Cure Global Warming


Quite interesting, a company called Skyonic believes to have found a solution to global warming: Baking Soda. The novel system, Skymine, uses carbon dioxide emitted from smokestacks to make baking soda.

According to the CEO, Joe David Jones, the system would be powered by waste heat from factories to produce food-grade baking soda that could be sold for both home or industrial use, or buried harmlessly in landfields or abandoned mines. Luminant, a utility company, installed a pilot version at Big Brown Steam Electric Station in Fairfield, Texas last year. It still needs a bit of work to be used on a large scale, but offers solutions to the current problems posed by carbon sequestering methods.


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  2. [...] Follow up: A company called Skyonic claims to have developed a method of utilizing carbon dioxide from smokestacks to create baking soda, which could be used or buried as a storage method. Pretty interesting stuff, if it pans out. (Baking Soda Cure for Global Warming?) [...]

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