Cell Phone Recycling Services

Recently there have been a lot of cell phone recycling companies popping up on the web. Some of them offer donation services and to my surprise, others offer payment for recycling your phone. If you are interested in either, I’ve listed them here.

Donation Services:

Charitable Recycling

Wireless Recycling


Get Paid for Your Cell Phone:

Cell For Cash

Simply Sellular

Recycle Biz

We are helping the environment by recycling old cell phones. You can get rid of an old cell phone sitting in a dusty drawer, about to be thrown in the trash or cell phone(s) you haven’t been able to figure out what to do with to one of these services. You may even get a tax deduction for doing so!

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  2. [...] you want to donate your phone for free, there are a few services that will recycle them but you won’t be paid [...]

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