Curbside Recycling

Amazingly, only 1 out of every 2 households with access to curbside recycling participate in the program. If we are to recycle more our the things we find inside our homes and participate in recycling programs, we could possibly recycle an additional 50% more. There are a few recycling options that your community may offer.

1) Dual stream recycling - It is the most popular way of recycling in the U.S. Residents sort products into a bin for papers, another for ‘green’ materials such as leaves, flowers…

2) Single Stream Recycling - Allows all recyclable products to be thrown into one bin/cart to be separated later. The benefits to this, is that it can reduce the number of trucks to pickup recycling materials.

3) Pay-As-Throw - Residents will pay a fee per bag of trash they set out on the curb and the curbside recycling is offered at no cost or reduced cost, to create an incentive to recycle.

To find out what type of recycling options and services are in your neighborhood, visit Earth 911 for more information.

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