Garbage Into Gold

Imagine finding a way to convert garbage into a product sold on store shelves that is of higher quality and cost less than most competitive products. That’s exactly what the founders of Terracycle did when they created an eco-friendly consumer product, entirely made of garbage. Tom Szaky and Jon Beyer created a simple process that only involves feeding red worms organic waste and using their excrement to mix with water to produce one of their main products, a liquid worm poop fertilizer that is proven to be better than the popular fertilizer MiracleGro.

Waste that would normally be sent to a landfill is brought to their TerraCycle Conversion Center. The garbage is mixed together into special formulas, sent through a bio converter and after five days the mix is then micro-climate controlled unit, introduced to millions of red worms to process the material. After three weeks the material is then liquefied over a seven day period.

To take it one step further, the fertilizer is sold in bottles collected from recycling centers all over the country. If you think about it, this product is great! You can use the goods, then recycle the actual product including the container it’s in, and reuse once again! It even costs less than competitors and better for your garden!

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