Poop Belongs In The Toilet

Now there is a diaper we can flush. gDiapers has created a flushable diaper that is biodegradable. Everything created into these nifty diapers is reabsorbed back into the eco-system. When the diaper is flushed, it goes through sewage treatment process and not into a landfill.

The interesting thing about gDiapers, is that they claim you can add urine soiled flushables (not the poopy ones) into your home compost. In 50-150 days they are supposed to completely decompose adding an excellent source of nitrogen to your garden. Hrmm…I’m not sure I am ready to add any baby’s urine soiled flushable to my garden, but if you are comfortable with it…. For proof, the company offers a video documenting the breakdown process when the diapers are buried under soil.

The great thing about these diapers is that they help the environment and the diaper pants are stylish and very cute. If my kid was wearing these, I would substitute them as shorts!

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  1. Great environmental blog, added you to my tech favs. All your posts contain very useful information on a lot of things we can do to better improve our earth.

  2. Much appreciated! Thank you!

  3. [...] then I see this great post at Got2BeGreen about 100% biodegradable flushable diapers made by gDiapers. I guess the “g” is for [...]

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