Recycled Fashion

If you are earth friendly or fashion conscious, you’re lucky to find out there are plenty of fashionable accessories to choose from to meet your environmentally or socially aware appetites. Most of the recycled clothing and accessories created offer a variety of styles, looks and options for both sexes. The best part of these recycled designs, is that you’re probably buying a one-of-a-kind original and it’s guaranteed to last you a long time.

Check out some of these stores that offer fashionable items made from recycled materials:

Little Earth - License Plate Purses

Abundant Earth - Made From Hemp and Recycled Rubber

Vulcana Bags - Made From Recycled Tires

ElseWares - Made From Street Signs

Hemp Sisters - Made From Hemp, Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

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  1. Hi! Really enjoyed looking at your work here. Well done and we need more aware people like yourself to get this planet healthier. Good luck.

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