Recycling Old Televisions

Did you know that some older television sets contain up to 8 pounds of lead? In older televisions lead was used as protection from radiation but once discarded and crushed the lead will seep out into the soil. Because of this, many municipalities have banned TVs from landfills. This makes it more of a challenge to dispose of them. Many thrift stores will not accept them because the cost to dispose of broken TVs is too high to offset the profits that could be made by selling those that still work. Some unethical recycling companies will charge a considerable fee and then just ship the old sets out of the country. To check out whether a company is reputable, ask if they’ve signed the Electronics Recycler’s Pledge of True Stewardship. The Electronics Industries Alliance has also compiled a list of questions you can ask to ensure your old television is handled responsibly.
So what should you do with an old television? Green Yahoo offers the following tips:
• Search through Earth 911 database of recycling, disposal, and donation alternatives. Just enter your ZIP code and get a list of options instantly. Need more? Look through the Electronic Industries Alliance list of state-by-state e-cycling resources.
• Some retailers and manufacturers, like Best Buy and Sony, offer recycling programs. Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of participating e-cycling companies to find out what’s available in your area.
• Check with local charities. The Earth 911 and Electronic Industries Alliance searches include some nonprofits that accept used working TVs, but if you can’t find any in your area, try calling local thrift stores to ask if they’ll take your set or know who will.
• If your set doesn’t work, look into whether your town has specific disposal days or drop-off locations via the Electronic Industries Alliance site. If not, that site also provides information on private recycling firms that will take your television for a fee.


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