Reusable Water Bottles For Kids Just Got Cooler

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It seems like my kids are always thirsty. And I’ve been trying to break them of the bottled water habit. Our family finally bought a new fridge with “water in the door.” And ice, cubed or crushed. That’s helped a lot. But what about when we’re on the go?

Of course, I have reusable water bottles. But the kids are always losing them, or leaving them places. But what if a water bottle was precious, like an electric blue Nintendo DS, something not to lose?

Enter SIGG. This Switzerland company makes water bottles for kids. They even have different-sized bottles for different-sized kids.

SIGG makes more than 150 styles of bottles (also for adults). Isn’t it better to make a fashion statement with a reusable bottle, rather than wasteful bottled water?

SIGG drinkers are made from pure aluminum and are fully recyclable, the company says. They also have a baked-on, non-porous interior lining that is taste neutral and BPA-free. Some SIGG bottles have even been enshrined in the Museum of Modern Art.

Check out the selection. Even though holiday shopping doesn’t traditionally begin until after Thanksgiving, these bottles may give you a few ideas for stocking stuffers.

No, they’re not cheap. They sell for $18-$30. But maybe, just maybe, my kids will think they’re cool enough to hold on to. They’re surely cooler than drinking from petroleum-based plastic.

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  1. Sigg bottles are safe and reusable so that it makes less pollutions of plastic bottles and also make you free from tension of that your child broke that plastic bottle or etc. I have some collections of Sigg bottles and you may like to check it. Thanks.

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