Social Way


Social Way is an online community that enables you to share just about anything either by borrowing, exchanging, or giving stuff away such as books, movies, games and tools.


The amount of CO2 saved by the community is tracked on their home page, which they claim to have saved almost 12,000 pounds of CO2, equal to 18 trees.

The beta site, prides itself in being eco-friendly.

Did you know: Sharing one book will save carbon emissions that will take a ten-year old tree a whole year to absorb? Learn more

Save the environment and your money. Share your things with people around you. Reduce global warming - turn your carbon footprint into SocialWay Rootprint™.

Anyone could use this service as they offer toys, cell phones, tools, furniture, books, textbooks for students, electronics and much more. This site has an impressive list of items up for exchange.

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  1. i really like for my trading needs. i’ve done over 1,000 switches there so my reduction has been huge!

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