Sustainable Dance Club

(This may be old news to some, but I thought it would be great to bring light to the idea again)

Here is environmentalism taken to the next level.


The Sustainable Dance Club in Rotterdam is the first green dance club in the world. Dancer moves are converted into electricity which powers the turntables and speakers throughout the facility. It doesn’t stop there, as there is biological beer (umm…yummy?), rainwater toilets and walls that change color according to the heat generated within the club. Not any of this is by using electricity.

Sustainable Dance Club celebrated its first evening in October of last fall. Here is a video on how it works: video

6 Responses to “Sustainable Dance Club”

  1. How incredible, I had never heard of this before what an amazing concept. Great site!

  2. This is one of the best ideas I have heard. Plus if you don’t like the dj, then simply don’t dance, and the power goes out. What a great system that is.

  3. Haha…an excellent idea Jeremy

  4. Interesting. So finally environemntalists are taking controll of dance clubs as well. That`s environmental capitalism :-). But I like the idea!!

  5. Do you have to get them to dance first so you can put a record on?

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