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Established in 1990, Total Reclaim has been extending a hand to the planet for quite some time by recycling domestic and commercial appliances, refrigerant gases, fluorescent lamps and electronics for 18 years. Over these years, Total Reclaim has helped the industry and government agencies comply with requirements of the 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act and has become known as a leading recycler of potentially hazardous equipment in the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, Washington, Oregon).

E-waste is one of the biggest problems threating the planet, most computers, televisions and electronic devices end up in a landfill. According to the EPA, over 4 billion pounds of e-waste was discarded in the US in 2005, which 87.5% was incinerated or dumped in landfills, with only 12.5% of the total recycled. Unfortunately, E-waste has the potential to leak toxic materials such as mercury, lead, cadmium and brominated flame retardants, which can cause negative impacts on just about any living thing.

To further prevent increased levels of toxic materials flooding our landfills, several states have enacted laws to make it illegal to dispose of most e-waste into landfills. With this increased awareness, consumers and businesses are searching for computer disposal and other e-waste services, such as what is offered with Total Reclaim.

Total Reclaim who has ongoing relationships with Northwest Cola and Pepsi distributors and done work with The Boeing Co, the University of Washington and the city of Seattle, offers a variety of environmental services to handle many recyclable materials. If you are in the Northwest Pacific Region and looking for computer recycling Seattle or Portland computer recycling, you can schedule a pickup on Total Reclaim’s website or drop it off in person.

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