Reuse Your Shopping Bag

I was surprised to find out that by using reusable bags for shopping I can reduce the amount of plastic bags I use by 300-500 a year! WOW! Can you imagine if all of us did this? I must admit that I am a plastic user since it always seemed the most convenient, especially during those last minute shopping trips. But from what I’m finding, there are SO many more benefits to changing to cloth reusable bags that I finally went out and bought some. They are wonderful and are strong. Now, I must remember to keep them in my car so I don’t forget them (which I have been doing….).

Plastic bags are not recyclable but you can sometimes return the bags to your grocery store where they may transport them to their distribution center. Here they are recycled with other recyclable plastics and wood fibers to create plastic lumber used widely in playgrounds, decks, outdoor furniture and many other products.

2 Responses to “Reuse Your Shopping Bag”

  1. If I have a choice between plastic and paper I always go paper. I’ve gotten my family into the habit of using no bags when we just have two or three items to get at the corner store. When you live in NYC, its easy to do because you never have to drive and the store is feet away from your front door!!

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