Shared Propulsion Car, Made at Home

shared propulsion car

Not exactly developed to be a green car, this piece of art was first made to look like a car by Montreal artist Michel de Broin. Really (take a closer look at the photo) it’s a four-seater bicycle, propelled entirely by pedaling…just like the Flintstones or those little cars we rode in as tots. At top speed, the Buick is supposed to be able to hit 15 km/h. There is no car floor, no engine, no signal lights, no transmission or headlights. Well, not the traditional ones. Lighted tea lights are actually being used as headlights.

The car named the “Shared Propulsion Car”, was recently pulled over after been exhibited at the Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Art on Oct. 24. Apparently, a group planned to take it for a ride down Queen St. W. They were pulled over because of the ‘legality’ of the car due to its lack of a “nonstandard” breaking system, etc.. After a small courtroom battle, the group beat the ticket based that if rickshaws can drive on the road, why can’t this one? It sure does open a door for more ‘recycled’ or ‘eco-friendly’ type designs that just about anyone could come across on the street nowadays!


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