Should Michigan Dump Cars for Wind Energy?

carsnwindBy now you’ve heard about the bankruptcy filing by General Motors.

The Michigan-based automaker, once the largest company in the world, will soon be a shadow of its former self. Maybe that’s a good thing. Some experts say GM will emerge leaner and meaner after the bankruptcy process.

The automaker has launched a campaign to reassure customers that GM vehicles are here to stay, there will just be fewer brands, and more fuel-efficient ones. The Volt? It’s been promised (and promised again).

The new GM campaign slogan: “We’re not going out of business. We’re getting down to business.” And you thought the campaigns ended after Barack Obama was elected president.

Some leaders in the state say Michigan needs to retool and become the center for the alternative energy field — making wind turbines and solar panels.

And cars, too. You can’t forget cars in Michigan. It’s like being against mountains in Colorado.

Can Michigan have it both ways? Can Michigan keep building cars, retool for alt. energy and climb out of its economic doldrums (and top-ranked unemployment numbers)?

If a list of upcoming conferences from the Michigan Wind Working Group is any indication, there’s a lot of people moving in the direction of wind and solar in the Great Lakes state.

Out with the old, in with the new:

Regulation of Off Shore Wind Energy, June 5, 2009; Detroit, Mich.

National Summit - Technology, Manufacturing, Energy & the Environment, June 15-17, 2009; Ford Field, Detroit, Mich.

DOE Loan Guarantee Application Guidelines & Procedures WEBINAR, June 18, 2009

SAE 2009 Sustainable Mobility Symposium, June 18-19, 2009; NextEnergy Center, Detroit, Mich.

Modeling of Wind Turbine Generators, June 24, 2009; Online Seminar

2009 Michigan Energy Fair, June 26-28, 2009; Manistee County Fairgrounds, Onekama, Mich.

AWEA Wind Power Supply Chain Workshop, November 3 - 5, 2009; Detroit, Mich.

Small & Community Wind Conference & Exhibition, November 3 - 5, 2009; Detroit, Mich.

Photo Credit: kevindooley, via Flickr

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