Super Motorcycles - nUCLEUS


A design created by NonObject is expected to deliver a new level of experience for motorcylists. Their new concept, currently in development, is the “nUCLEUS”, a motorcycle built on the principle of “square against air”. The Zero Impact machine is supposed to feature zero emissions, ultra-light materials and an integrated behavior system.

Suprisingly, even with its boxy features, NonObject claims that it is fast. The square side views hide the fact that these pieces of metal are blades from the front to minimize drag.

Ignoring the fact that the side almost looks like 2 missing car doors or a whole side of a car, I would be interested to see if this “vehicle” makes it to production and can prove its eco-friendliness. But for fun, here’s a video on the nUCLEUS here.


super motorcycle

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