The HumanCar

The HumanCar® LMV Imagine™ is a street-legal dual electric motor/human hybrid vehicle that is currently being manufactured in limited quantities. The car is meant for 4 passengers and it functions like fitness equipment. To build the HumanCar, inventor Charles Greenwood P.E. combined a variety of components found in fitness equipment. He has patented it as TWASTA (Team Work and Strength Training Apparatus). Mr. Greenwood describes it as a “full body work out device, for multiple participants.” The car is steered using BodySteer™ which allows for more degrees of freedom than leaning does. Both front passengers have the ability to steer. Four passengers are able to generate more than 2K Watts. Fewer than 3 passengers would probably need to use auxiliary power. The HumanCar is equipped with dual electric motors and features an exoskeletal safety cage chassis. The car was released in February 2008 and is currently available in limited quantities on the HumanCar website for $15,500.


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