The Roof (garden) Is On Fire

from the Minnesota Green Roofs Council

from the Minn. Green Roofs Council

Michigan has been suffering through a soggy spell. Not much to do except watch spring move in.

The snow has given way to brown grass and mud, and thoughts of gardening sometime after March 20 (the start of spring). While going through the garage and shed today, I had a thought. What about making a green roof on the garage or shed?

It turns out it’s not an original idea. Enter, based in Minnesota (sorry Michigan). The site includes a pdf guide (4.8 MB) to turning your garage or shed into a green-roofed neighborhood attraction.

Some talking points: Green roofs reduce energy costs, stormwater management costs, improve urban air quality and provide new habitat for birds and insects.

Michigan State University has a Green Roof Research Program, and an oasis of resources.

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