Electric Powered Wheels

I just found this site today. These electric powered wheels look spiffy! How often do you take your car instead of walking to a nearby store? I do…very often.

The short car trip could be replaced with a electrical powered bicycle or scooter. Now there is no need to worry about walking those heavy groceries back to your home, you can transport them on these bicycles.

Perfect for commuters of all sorts and errand runners, EgoVehicles designs personal electric vehicles for a wide range of users. Each model is equipped with different features, including front and rear turn signals, horn controls, speedometer and odometer. Top speeds can be up to 24 mph and travel up to about 25 miles per charge. There is plenty of cargo room for groceries, brief cases, or whatever else you want to carry with you.

The electric assisted bicycles are street legal with the appropriate safety equipment. If they go over 20 mph using their own power, they need to be registered with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), just like your automobile.

electric wheels

The eGO electric bikes are a great alternative to a car. I may need to get one.

Here are some happy owners with their electric powered wheels.

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